Welcome to the Proctor Medical Group Uveitis Clinic at the Proctor Foundation.
Through cutting-edge studies
and dedicated team members, we strive to uncover the mysteries of uveitis, leading to improved treatments and patient outcomes.
Join us in this journey of discovery,
as we encourage researchers, clinicians, and patients to engage in valuable exchanges of knowledge and experiences.
We are committed to disseminating
groundbreaking findings and promoting dialogue, contributing to a brighter future for those affected by uveitis.
The Ocular Inflammatory Disease and Uveitis Clinic
provides consultation and direct care to patients with infectious and immunologic diseases of the eye and the area around the eye.

Welcome to the Proctor Medical Group Uveitis Clinic at the Proctor Foundation, where we are dedicated to advancing our understanding and treatment of uveitis—an inflammatory eye condition that affects the uvea, (the middle layer of the eye). Uveitis can lead to vision loss if not promptly diagnosed and managed, making our research vital in improving patient outcomes.

At UCSF, our interdisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians is at the forefront of uveitis investigation. By exploring the intricate interactions between the immune system and the uveal tissues, including the iris, ciliary body, and choroid, we aim to uncover novel therapeutic targets and innovative approaches.

Our research encompasses various areas such as genetics, immunology, molecular biology, and advanced imaging techniques. Through international collaborations and cutting-edge technologies, we seek to develop personalized treatments that cater to the diverse needs of uveitis patients.

Clinical research is fundamental to our mission as well. Conducting rigorous trials, we evaluate the safety and efficacy of new therapies, striving to bring evidence-based treatments to the forefront of uveitis management.

At UCSF, we place the patients at the heart of our research. By fostering a collaborative environment that encourages knowledge-sharing between patients, caregivers, researchers, and clinicians, we aim to make a meaningful impact on those affected by uveitis.

Join us on this journey of discovery as we work tirelessly to deepen our understanding of uveitis and its underlying mechanisms. Together, let us envision a future where uveitis is better understood and effectively managed, and its impact on patient's lives is minimized. We appreciate your support in our pursuit of a world without uveitis."


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By fostering unprecedented collaboration between cardiovascular research, neuroscience, bioengineering, epidemiology, global health, and big data on one campus in Mission Bay, we can solve complex problems for local patients and people worldwide.

Science is the meeting of the minds, and the Bay area is where innovative ideas are made real. By partnering with industry leaders, we accelerate the development of research into life-changing treatments.


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