(Left to right) Nisha Acharya, MD  Professor Proctor Foundation, Thuy Doan, MD, PhD  Associate Professor Proctor Foundation, John Gonzales, MD  Associate Professor Proctor Foundation, Jessica Shantha, MD, MS  Configure Assoc HS Clinical Professor Proctor Foundation.

The Ocular Inflammatory Disease and Uveitis Clinic provides consultation and direct care to patients with infectious and immunologic diseases of the eye and the area around the eye. The clinic is the primary referral resource for ophthalmologists, internists, and rheumatologists in the northern California area and beyond.

The clinic's mission is to determine the cause of inflammatory diseases and to meet the challenge of treating conditions unresponsive to the usual anti-inflammatory treatments. The clinic's experienced clinicians, with access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic measures, strive to improve outcomes and reduce complications from inflammation and its treatment.

The clinic is on the brink of applying new treatments to reduce ocular inflammation and restore vision. In particular, a variety of non-steroidal medications are used, including immunosuppressive and biological agents, to avoid the serious complications of steroids.

The clinic is staffed by Drs Acharya, Doan, Shantha, and Gonzales, postdoctoral fellowship ophthalmologists.

Uveitis Clinic Phone Number - 415.476.1442


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