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A Guide to Ocular Inflammatory Disease


Anatomy of The Eye

The middle layer of the eye is called the uvea or uveal tract.  It is made up of the iris, the ciliary body, and the choroid.  The uvea surrounds the eye like a tunic (coat).  The visible part of the uvea, in the front, is the iris.  Inflammation in any of the parts of the uveal tract is called uveitis.  Inflammation inside the eye is a medical emergency because, untreated, it will lead to vision loss. Click here to print a diagram of the eye.




Pediatric Uveitis Information




Children with uveitis miss school for frequent appointments, lab draws, and treatment. They may need regular administration of medications in school.  In some cases, children have visual impairment and require special services and adaptations to address vision needs.  Patients commonly feel “isolated” and “alone” since their friends and family are unfamiliar with “uveitis.” To provide support to physicians, patients and families, the Pediatric Uveitis Task Force developed a template letter for a 504 plan. This template can be modified to fit the needs of the student.